Board of Directors

This incredible cycling community is infused with the spirit and energy of the women on the Board of Directors, ride leaders, and the members themselves.

Here’s a little about the leadership to get to know us better as a whole.


Patty Nilsen

President, Sponsorship, Merchandise Director

Patty founded this team. Her childhood nickname “Petunia” found its way into Petunia Mafia. As a professional designer, Patty creates each and every year’s kits and accessories.

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Kyla Claudell, Board of Directors, Petunia Mafia Cycling

Kyla Claudell

Happiness Director

If you haven't met Kyla yet, you'll get to soon! She's our hostess with the most-est organizing all our Petunia events.

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Katie Fidler, Petunia Mafia Cycling

Katie Fidler

Ride & Team Snap Director

Katie joins us on the Board after being a ride leader that has gotten us out on some truly epic rides. Now she's in charge of it all, I mean where would we be without TeamSnap!?!

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Michelle Dickson, Board of Directors, Petunia Mafia Cycling

Michelle Dickson

Treasure and Office Director

Michelle keeps the rubber side down as our greenie leader queen and is now helping keep our books upright and oh-so-organized.

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Kristen Ditsch

Marketing Director

A lover of pastry shop rides and the camaraderie of riding with Petunias, Kristen joins our board to lead all things marketing!

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Ride Captains

New for 2024 are Ride Captains! Road, Gravel and Mountain Bike Captains help coordinate and support our amazing ride leaders and rides, Petunia Mafia trips, and beyond.


Caitie Sweeney

Gravel Captain

Caitie is dedicated to inspiring cyclists of every skill level to enjoy the thrill of biking, whether it's leisurely happy hour rides or challenging epic adventures and races.

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Valerie Elliott

Road Captain

Leading blue road and gravel rides for the past two years, Valerie empowers women to reach their potential both on and off the bike.

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Liz Russell

Mountain Bike Captain

Elizabeth rides all the bikes - road, gravel, fat and mountain, but riding the trails by mountain bike is her favorite!

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