Team Leaders

This incredible cycling community is infused with the spirit and energy by the women on the Board of Directors, ride leaders, and by the members themselves.

Here’s a little about the 2022 leadership to get to know us better as a whole.


Board of Directors – 2022

PATTY NILSEN | Founder, President, & Kit Designer

As a professional athletic wear designer, Patty creates each and every year’s trend-forward and performance-driven kits and accessories. Patty works out harder than most pro athletes and radiates joy. Her childhood nickname “Petunia” found its way into Petunia Mafia.

BRITTANY PUZIO | Vice President, Marketing Director

Brittany loves getting women into cycling and she’s so very good at it. She’s been in the cycling industry for years and has been a Liv Ambassador. Brittany loves cycling so much her bachelorette party was on two wheels.  Her motto: “Look pro, go slow.”

LILA JAWORSKI | Gravel & Road Genre Director

Lila’s extensive running and hiking experience serves her well for long-distance cycling. She’s a powerhouse on 2 wheels and a master at route creations. Lila adds solid training and fun excursions to the calendar – from mere-mortal-can-do rides to holy-shit-hang-in-there legs climbing days.

TANYA GESSNER | Mountain Bike Genre Director

Tanya believes life is best when spending it with friends on two wheels. She’s a long time mountain biker who’s ridden across the world, from Whistler to Scotland, Bali to Betasso. While she loves to mix it up on the gnar, she has a passion for empowering women to enjoy mountain biking and IPAs as much as she does.

JEN NICOLL | Technology Director

Jen is a self-proclaimed “joiner” and thinks that bicycling is best when combined with good friends, conversation and scenery. She makes descending on her gravel bike look easy and seems effortless at climbing. While pushing out mile after mile on her gravel bike, she happily cheats on it with her mountain bike.