Ride Levels

Petunia Mafia welcomes women cyclists at a wide range of speeds. We offer leader-appointed rides labeled as green, blue, and black. (We borrowed the idea from ski resorts.) Here's how that translates to the skill and pace of the rider compounded by the cycling route:

At the green level, the pace is slower and climbs are rolling. On the other end of the example spectrum, where our “5 the hard way” ride consists of individual blue routes – NCAR, Flagstaff, Sunshine, Lee Hill, Old Stage – the act of stacking them all together in one day makes it a black level event.

Sometimes rides fall somewhere between levels, so read the full ride description on TeamSnap to know what pace to expect.

We don’t want to discourage a lower-level rider from trying something a little more challenging. It’s how we advance as athletes. (Highly encouraged to always download the route and know your way home, just in case.)

Remember, intimidation has no place next to the likes of you. Don’t underestimate your ability. Memories aren’t made from the couch.