Be Thankful When Shit Doesn’t Happen

Shit happens…whether it’s on your bike, on the snow, or just walking to work, we all run the risk of some crappy life circumstance hitting us out of the blue.

So, what would happen? Who would have authority to deal with your doctors, pay your bills, care for your children, spouse or pets?

And if the unthinkable were to happen, who would inherit your family heirlooms, your property, or your business? This is scary stuff I know, but in order to live more peacefully in the present, it’s important to plan for future. We believe everyone should have the answers to these difficult and important questions, no matter your age or station in life. As sponsors of Petunia Mafia, we encourage you to take a moment to think about these things, and take action to protect your family and your assets by creating an Estate Plan.

We want to make sure you are prepared, and give you the gift of peace of mind.  For more information visit, or give us a call at 303-449-6543.

David Perlick

Perlick Legal Counsel

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