Spring forward with rides

There’s so much momentum gaining on the season! It’s been fun reading  Group email shout-outs for rides. I think there’s more going around than ever before.

From one of the requests for ride partners I jumped on the opportunity to do a crazy “Groad” ride. #groad represents “gravel road” and was born of Caley Fretz @caleyfretz, a senior editor at Velo News and part of the Petunia Mafia family by way of marriage. His idea was to have a nonsense race to four gravel-accessed checkpoints, knocked off in any order desired by each team, at which a teammate had to do 10 push-ups caught on camera and uploaded to Instagram with #groad.

I got excited about the “race” because 1.) Kristi, one of my favorite riding partners, made the invitation, and 2.) I had never ridden Chapman Drive nor Logan Mill. Zippy Zi, another favorite of mine, also answered the call so we had a bona fide Petunia Mafia team of three. Pizza was promised to the first and final team back to Vecchio’s bike shop. We proudly claim the first all-women team back to the shop (admittedly we were the only one in this sausage-fest race), and also the very last team back. In our defense, we took a lot of photos at the push-up stations AND we stopped to pick up a bottle of champagne on the last leg.

In all, we rode 46 miles with 4,376 feet of elevation. That was an early season shock to the system; nothing like just throwing your legs into one of the hardest rides in Boulder County. But holy cow did I have fun with the crew, the purposeful silliness, and knocking off 2 “firsts” of local iconic destinations. I hope everyone gets to experience a spontaneous adventure with teammates this year.

What’s next for Spring?

Our Moab campsite filled up surprisingly fast, and we’re scrambling to accommodate overflow. Next time we’ll get the group site that fits over 20!

Aspen plans are set. We’ve rented 2 condos for the first 20 who RSVP. This will be Year 3 of this amazing adventure highlighted by riding Independence Pass before it’s opened to vehicles for the summer.

Weekly rides are on the calendar. Yoga and mat pilates have already been a mainstay on the calendar – I’ve taken advantage of both and can vouch that the instructors are fabulous – and now that Colorado’s gale force wind has died down, temperatures are warming up, and the sun is shining longer it’s time to roll on 2 wheels.

Let’s sport our new kits, get in the saddle, and spring forward!

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