Safety First, Second, and Third

To be sure Petunias don’t get slack on riding safety, here’s our pep talk:

Ride to the right of the white line. Especially on narrow, curvy roads like Flagstaff where there is little opportunity for cars to pass without pushing into oncoming car and bike traffic.

Ride single file if the bike lane is not wide enough for 2-abreast.

Don’t half-wheel. This is when your front wheel overlaps the rear wheel of the rider in front of you. If your wheels touch, you’re more likely to crash than she is.

Hold your line. Be predictable to those around you.

Wear a mask and keep physically distanced. The situation with COVID is ever evolving, and when you’re in a Petunia kit we want you to be safe and a role model for others.

Want to learn more about riding Safety and Etiquette? Read more here.

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