A Rose by Any Other Name…

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet ~ William Shakespeare

WE’VE GOT NEWS: In 2017, Team ten20 will have a fresh, new name: Petunia Mafia! We are sassy and strong, a close-knit family of cyclists, and we believe that name embodies this stylish clan.

Your team will still be here for you, and all the best things we’ve cultivated will remain the same. What we’re doing is implementing a name change with an opportunity to fully follow fashion and trends in kit design. This is going to be amazzzzing!

Here’s the backstory. We became a bona fide team because Patty Nilsen wanted to gather a team of like-minded women cyclists and put them in fashion-forward kits. She approached ten20 spa to request sponsorship and the ability to use their sweet logo as the basis of design. Done and done. We’ve rode “the bar code of sexy” for many miles and more years than anyone would’ve dreamed. It’s been a sweet dream at that.petunia

Margaret Miner, ten20’s owner, has decided to put the spa up for sale. She’ll exit the business in April 2017 to focus on her wildly successful Rags stores. We thank Margaret for every bit of support and savvy suggestion she’s provided. Rags and Margaret will still be part of the team family in 2017. Our gratitude is unending.

Patty and I – along with the blessing of our Board of Directors – have decided to rename the team not according to a presenting sponsor name but according to our spirit. This allows us:

  • To set ourselves up for longevity in a team moniker and not have to change if/when sponsors switch.
  • To retain control over our kit colors and appearance – we can design kits according to current graphic and color trends. We were lucky that the ten20 stripes and colors served us so beautifully for so long. And we’re moving on.
  • To appeal more generally to those who live outside of Boulder.

Pro teams change names all the time…USPS becomes RadioShack becomes Garmin becomes Quickstep.  This has all been seen and done before in the cycling world. Now, we are who we are for the long haul. Whoot!


In other positive future plans, we’ve already dug into 2017 in other ways. What’s on deck:

  • Installing regular mid-week and weekend day rides during high season. That way you know there’s always a ride anaspenjumpd can plan around it.
  • Continuing to host additional rides on top of the regular ones to serve those who invariably can’t make set ride times.
  • We’ve reserved a Moab group camp site for April, ideal for roadies and mtb’ers!
  • Aspen in May – you know it.
  • We’re already adding events to the 2017 calendar: movie night, indoor cold weather workouts, etc.
  • In 2017 we’ll continue the tradition of hiring pro coaches to increase our individual skill levels (2016 coaches included Meredith Miller, Lee McCormick, Kristin Weber, and Michael Robson).


While our rose is updating its name and hue, it will smell as sweet, if not sweeter. I thank each and every one of you with whom I’ve had the pleasure of riding, hoisting a drink, laughing, crying, and getting to know. This is one special community of women, on or off a saddle. I look very forward to serving you in 2017.


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