Petunia Mafia Women’s Cycling Team

Just a bunch of ladies spinning their wheels.

As always, we’re blown away by the women who join our bike team. We attract women who love cycling so much that they’re hungry to meet others infatuated with bike love. Maybe they just moved to town and want to meet new people. Or while they love their darling sweetheart, sometimes it’s better to have separate riding partners. Sometimes they had a friend on the team and were pulled in by the stories of epic rides, social events, goals reached or silly episodes shared. We’d love to have you join our cycling community.  How do we know that? Because if you love riding bikes, you’re one of us. Following are more details on our sweet little bike club:Teammies

What is the Petunia Mafia Cycling team about?

The mission of this team is to encourage, enable, and educate women on the saddle. And we’re going to have a fun time doing it. While we’re based in Boulder, Colorado, we have members across the metro Denver area and even in multiple states. Our members are women who want to ride with a group that motivates and inspires them to ride somewhere new, achieve their goals, or just ride with like-minded women. Please come join us.

Do I have to be a competitive cyclist to keep up?

Heck no. Our team has a varied ride calendar to include riders of all levels, from new enthusiasts to competitive racers. We’re a group that wants to make training fun.  If you race, we’d love to have you race for us.  If you’re newly interested in racing, we’d love to help you get you to that next level.  If you don’t race, won’t race, and aren’t interested, no problem!

Why should I join?

Do you want to be inspired and motivated to ride? Want to meet other women cyclists or be exposed to new routes? Do you want to wear the cutest performance kits around? Simply love cycling? If you answered yes to any or all of these, THAT’s why you should join. We’re blessed with a group of terrific women, fantastic sponsors, incredible perks, effective coaching, and the best looking kit around.


Are we a hard-core race team? Nope. While some of our ladies love to race (our highest-participated race genre is cyclocross followed by road), most of our women are just into riding for the love of riding. And you don’t have to be a hard-core cyclist; we offer easier, 10-15mph recreational rides for those riders (and those days) where you just want to spin.

So you’re a road bike team? We also have a mountain bike crew that has its own ride schedule, events and leader. Many of our women ride both mtb and road bikes, while some only roll on fat tires. There’s no extra fee or separate club, it’s all one team.

What’s mandatory? Nothing. No one understands better than us how busy women are without having mandatory attendance, volunteering minimums, etc. So, come as often as you’d like…but we will tell you the more you show up, the more you’ll be glad you did. Memories and connections aren’t made from the couch.

When do we have to join? We accept new members all through the year. However, the full kits are produced only at the beginning of the year, first come first served. Therefore we give a big membership push in January.

Where does my registration fee go? Operational costs (i.e. business licenses and consultant fees), paying pro coaches for clinics, party food, road trip lodging, etc. We spend smartly and invest in our member’s experience.

What if I have other questions? Email Amanda: or Laura:


Ok, ok, sounds great! How do I join?

To join Petunia Mafia Cycling, please click here for Registration.  If you’re interested in joining us and have questions, email us at

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