Member Groups

Want to get in touch with Petunia teammates for extra training or to invite others on a ride?

Sign up for any of our Google groups below to get in contact with other club members. Join as many of the following groups as you’d like by clicking “Apply for membership” from the links below.  While signing up, the automatic default subscription is “Don’t send email updates” – be sure to change this to “Send me an e-mail for every new message” if you’d like to get e-mails rather than have to look at the Google Group webpage (much preferred for last-minute ride coordination!).

Note: these are administered groups, so please give us a day or so to “accept” you into the group (everyone’s a winner, all team members are accepted BUT YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF PETUNIA MAFIA):


This group is for those wanting to give a shout-out looking for rides, training partners, or road gear for sale.

Fat Tires

Fat tire fanatics, this is for members who are interested in hooking up for mountain bike rides, posting about MTB events, gear for sale, and whatnot.


Race our bikes around in a dusty, muddy, twisty circle for 40 minutes to an hour? Sounds delightful. Count me in.