Fishing for Inspiration

The seemingly relentless rain got me d-o-w-n over the past week. Not to the point of depressed, I won’t make light of that real heaviness of being. But yesterday I had that melancholy mood where 9 hours of sleep didn’t seem refreshing. I padded around in slippers and a bathrobe till noon and downplayed that I was “doing housework.”  I didn’t want to exercise, dig in on work projects, walk the dogs, or do much of anythinrain magesg – other than lay down for a nap. It just didn’t feel good to be a slug when I know how good it feels to thrive on excess energy derived from working out, making progress, really carpe diem-ing. It’s the cart-and-horse conundrum; you feel sluggish but in order to feel vibrant you have to get moving, but it’s just that you feel so sluggish…

So, I created a new intention as I went early to bed last night. I am going to strive to thrive. To get over this Seattle-weather-blues, I needed inspiration from others who push past the hump. Here’s what I dug up from my own little world:

A few weeks back on the Team ten20 Fruita trip Julie and I headed out on Thursday night to secure a campsite and prep for others who would come on Friday. We made camp, had a campfire, drank a bottle of wine…and then the rain began. It didn’t stop. In the backs of our respective trucks in the morning, I read magazines while Julie was well underway with Google research of how to make the best of the day. She found options for breakfast (go to Dream Café in Grand Junction next time you’re in the area!), a movie, yoga and spin classes; she was making a plan happen. That inspired me. Trip plans thrown a wrench? Make new plans. Create a new adventure. Seek new sights. Simple, but the takeaway was that although we didn’t get to ride bikes, we still had a blast by experiencing other options.

Next inspirer? Last week’s mountain bike clinic was hampered by ominous clouds plus trail closures due to wet conditions and therefore a change of location. Riders cancelled one by one. Not Hollie. She drove to the new location even though the original site was a rideable 2 miles from her front door. Her parents were visiting from out-of-state yet she took 2 hours for herself. The weather didn’t scare her. The fact that she was one of two clinic participants, the other being myself, did scare her. She’s a newbie mountain biker with few skills and lots of self-consciousness. But she went for it, allowing personalized instruction and drill after drill. She left a couple hours later with improved bike handling and a comfort zone that was stretched to give her greater berth next time she rides. Note to self: you don’t have to have someone who’s better than you be the carrot, seek the inspirer.

Saturday afternoon found me amongst a gaggle of mountain bikers who came out to learn new skills at the Lee Likes Bikes clinic. We rode circles around our excuses, our fears. We nailed braking properly. We owned the turns. We pumped our arms and flexed our knees. Inspirations, one and all, to sacrifice what we were for what we could become. 

Come Sunday morning I was motivated by the group of six who showed up at 8am for a CrossFit team workout. There were no excuses, no egos, just working out at our own paces to get the job done. Showing up was half the battle, the workout simply finished it. Amy and Erika rode that afternoon, not resting on their early-morning workout laurels. A muse to move!

Wondering if my mental pep-talk and gathering of inspirational moments helped? I woke today at 6am. I walked the dogs. I practiced over an hour of yoga, actually leaving the house for YogaPod, followed by a run. I’m here typing a blog that’s long overdue. I feel awake, but maybe not perky. That’s OK, it’s a start. Thank you to the ladies to helped me get to this spot. I’m ready to thrive tomorrow once again.