Ebike Policy

The Petunia Board of Directors has researched and discussed whether or not ebikes should be allowed on Petunia Mafia rides. We considered multiple aspects of the current ebike landscape and reviewed how other clubs are handling them in their midst. 

We also looked introspectively at our culture and our stated purpose: to encourage, educate, and empower women on the saddle. We’re open to a wide range of ability levels. We want women to get on the saddle as much as possible and have a blast riding with like-minded ladies.

Therefore, we have decided that ebikes will be allowed with the following policy:

  • Ebikes are allowed on Road rides only, found on TeamSnap Road calendar.
  • Class 1 and 3 ebikes only (pedal assist only, no throttle i.e. Class 2).
  • Ebike riders may reach out to others to arrange non-official rides.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the ebike rider to review the route and to know whether ebikes are permitted on all sections of the route. It is not up to the ride leader to know if her route has sections where ebikes are not allowed.
  • We are a visible team and therefore we follow road rules. If an ebike rider illegally rides on a road or trail that is closed to ebikes, the cyclist may be dismissed from the team.
  • Ebike riders should try to blend in with the speed, skill level, acceleration and deceleration of the group as if they are riding a traditional bicycle. Do not use pedal assist to compensate for lack of fitness or bike handling ability. Be predictable with acceleration and deceleration for group safety.
  • Ebike riders must evaluate if the length and distance of the posted ride matches their battery capacity. It’s the responsibility of the ebike rider to return with enough battery strength, even on no-drop rides.

This is a trial period for the remainder of 2021 that will be continually monitored. 

We hope that all Petunia Mafia teammates enjoy our community and continue to build strength, stamina and skill no matter what bike they pedal.  Thanks in advance for helping us understand how this trial period is going; reach out to any Board member with your feedback.

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