Cycling down 2015

The 2015 cycling season checked off the bucket list

I’m thinking about winding down the 2015 year for the team, but in theory there’s still over 2 good months of riding here in Colorado. For those with thick skin, a bit of stubborn determination, and decent cold-weather cycling apparel there’s at least a month of riding left to be had in Northern states (yeah, I’m giving the nod to you Wisconsin and Pacific NW Team ten20 sisters, I know the fall colors are astounding in those parts).  Yet as I look at the calendar and we plan our end-of-year celebration on November 1 – we try to get close to 10/20 on the calendar because we’re clever like that – it’s still a time to be nostalgic as if the year is over. There was so much on the calendar that I couldn’t partake in all that I wanted to, notably mountain bike rides. I’m making those miles up now. As always, this team is what each individual makes it; you can ride as much or as little as you want, but the strongest connection to the bike and to each other is with those who showed up often. Memories aren’t made by opting out.

This year’s theme of The Bucket List led to a pail-full of options. A weekend retreat in Aspen at a VRBO that’s best described as “retro-funky” was super. How could it not be with a house full of bike-loving women with Independence Pass, Maroon Bells, and Woody Creek Tavern on the brain?! We had a huge turnout for one of the hardest rides we’ve ever done: 5 the Hard Way, a multi-prong jaunt up NCAR, Flagstaff Road, Sunshine Canyon, Olde Stage, Lee Hill to Upslope Brewery. Then there was Guanella Pass, Eldora to Winter Park, Fall River to Trail Ridge Road, not to mention the regular-old rides that helped our legs and lungs prep for the bigger stuff.

We should pay tribute to those rides that fell to an untimely death. Maybe we got over eager with adding Crested Butte to Aspen and the Leadville Loop to TeamSnap. It’s hard to get weekends away. But some ride cancellations were beyond our control; Julie and I drove early to Fruita in high hopes of that excursion happening, only to call off troops in a rain-out. In fact, poor Julie had a season-long devil of a time with Mother Nature interfering with her mountain bike rides. That tells me her ride karma is simply getting stoked for next year.

In my eyes and experience, this was perhaps the greatest ride season we’ve put together. Which puts me in a panic of “how are we going to top that next year??” I’m sure we’ll figure it out. There are themes being tossed around. I’d love to hear suggestions if you have them. A big thanks to the Board of Directors for planning rides and trips. They put in their valuable time and energy to making the calendar come to life. Love you and your uber-creative brain, Patty, for putting us at the top of the style watch on each and every kit list. Also thanks to those who simply put the word out for extra rides: Tanya, Cindy, Erika, and Monica especially come to mind. To those whom I had the pleasure of riding alongside this season, thank you.  Memories were made. Let’s do it again next year.

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