Cyclocross: I need more cowbell!

Cyclocross season is HERE! CX is our largest race squad, and for good reason. It’s a stupidly fun, challenging, addictive, rowdy scene. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor with an eye on call up points or just want to dabble to see what the fuss is about, we’re here for you.

Petunia Mafia will have CX training clinics and rides for our members. We’ll pre-ride courses together to develop strategy on tricky sections. On race day we’ll have a tent HQ for our teammates and their gear, plus any fans in tow. Need extra hand-holding? Gotcha, sister. If you’re brand spankin’ new to licensing, categories, and racing, we’ll help you along the way. If you aim to get pushed to cat up to the next level, there’s plenty of seasoned racers who’ll line up with you at call-ups. Can you hear the cowbells ringing?!

When you join Petunia Mafia you’ll have access to our internal CX Group page, which will be an instant hookup with other crossers. On this forum we send out general race info, a presentation on Colorado cyclocross requirements, requests for training buddies, and whatnot.

Let’s get this party started! Join us now.

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