COVID-19 and our team

As we travel through this time of COVID-19 the amount of day-to-day unknowns continues to be frustrating, scary, and perplexing. Here’s what we DO know:

  • As a community of women, most of whom are extrovert personalities (we all joined a club, after all), we long for connection. Therefore we’ve had Zoom happy hours and interaction within our social media sites and communication platforms. We will continue to hold hands albeit virtually.
  • The Board of Directors monitors local and state governments and cycling governing bodies to take cues on when we could restart group rides and what those may look like.
  • We know that even if we can’t ride side-by-side we’re still part of something larger and special.
  • Leaders will schedule official rides with multiple participants as soon as we deem reasonable, responsible, and legal.

In the meantime, keep up your fitness level and keep in virtual contact with your Petunia sisterhood!

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