An email that brightened our hearts!

We just HAD to share this email with y’all, as it’s testament to what Petunia Mafia brings to our members. We’ve experienced the same thing, Christy, and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

I just wanted to let you both know how much I LOVE PETUNIA MAFIA!!!!!  And how grateful I am for this amazing group of ladies!!!!
The number one thing I was hoping for out of this group was making new friends, especially those who like to ride bikes!!   I have met, and become friends with so many girls because of this group.   Last week I road with quite a few of those ladies, and let’s just say I am still on a cycling high from spending time with them! 
So thank you both so much for this amazing group of gals!!  I appreciate everything that you do.
If you wish to find a community that brings joy to your heart and cycling legs, we encourage you to check us out. All memberships from now through the rest of 2019 will be rolled into a full 2020 membership.
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