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We’re just back from a team trip to Moab. Over 40 members of all ability levels pedaled mountain bikes on miles of scenic singletrack followed up by belly-busting laughs around the campfire. It’s the kind of weekend that you think about for days, wistfully wishing it didn’t end. Or when we can do it again. The warm fuzzies of finding a tribe of women who share a love of riding is real and felt around the world. Following are a few excerpts and links to websites in which members of Petunia Mafia have been interviewed. Keep the love alive even when off the bike and read on:

Elements of Sport Excerpt

“I believe that women enjoy coming together around their passions. This is where they find sisterhood and encouragement to keep riding and building their endurance” explains Sarai Snyder, who founded “CycloFemme” together with the team of women at Language Dept. in Kentucky, in 2012. The idea behind the club is simple: each year on Mother’s Day (US), women ride together worldwide. It is an invitation to all women that has been spread through a purely grassroots movement. “This is our 7th year and we’ve had rides in over 40 countries. Our theme for May 13th, 2018 is Ride Together. Rise together”, says Snyder, who thinks women and bicycles are a natural fit. “Bicycles represent something very special for women – independence, empowerment and freedom. The bike has always been a tool for women’s empowerment all over the world.” Read more here…


Josie’s Bike Life Excerpt, Wisner

What would be your favorite competitive biking event and why do you enjoy competing?
Cyclocross is my thing. I had never identified as a competitor – they always seemed to have way more motivation and training time than I was willing to give. But when I’m on the course and pushing myself I’m pretty happy. It’s kind of like childbirth or a spin class; it sucks when you’re in the moment but you feel elated afterward. Read more here…


Josie’s Bike Life Excerpt, Zias

Tell us about the introduction to your #bikelife and how it got started-
My mom taught me how to ride a bike when I was three. My brothers and I would follow her around like little ducklings on our bikes to the park.

As I got older I continued to ride as a means of transportation around the neighborhood and to get to the candy store. When everyone started driving my pink Schwinn Caliente sat un-ridden in the shed. Read more here…

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