5 Athletic Fashions You Need to Know About

If you’ve ever laid eyes on Team ten20’s kits, the following statement will not be news: Fashion should by all means be ingrained into performance apparel. A female’s display of athletic bad-assery on the bike (or in running shoes or with a racquet or ball in hand) should be showcased by amazing aesthetics, hot hues, fabulous fabrics, and pretty prints. There’s no reason whatsoever to be dowdy when you’re rowdy. Got it? Flaunt it. “It” meaning skill, muscle, agility, and power. Style just amplifies what you’ve got. With that in mind, I give you 5 athletic fashions that fall into a “what you need to know about” summer 2016 collection.

  1. Courtesy SheBeest

    Petunia Bib image Courtesy SheBeest

    The Petunia Team ten20 bib. Yeah, I know it seems self-serving to call it out, but hot diggity are these sexy! The fabric is buttery and the fit is smooooth. I’ve heard stories from of at least 2 teammates whose male partners got an instant, um, reaction when said teammie modeled the bib. There’s just something about the fishnet pattern on the midsection that’s a bit naughty. It’s meant for airflow venting but whispers “lingerie.” The halter design inherently beckons with a come hither action. Yes, you’re just slipping that over your head so you don’t have to unzip your jersey to hit the loo. But the movement itself is right out of a R-rated movie scene. A classy scene from a French flick.

  2. Athletic skirts. Golf, tennis, field hockey and cheerleading had the first go at them. Then runners. But cyclists finally caught on. And we LOVE them. You can rock athletic skirts out at any age. Some ten20 riders wear them consistently while riding hard-core mountain bike trails. Some tuck them in their jersey pocket to modestly cover up post-ride. Every female athlete should consider the skirt bandwagon for both style and decorum. First, athletic skirts offer fabulous freedom and look good on all body types. Second, #spandexneverlies. Skirts cover what spandex won’t: sausage rolls, camel toes, and cellulite bumps. Everyone seems to make one now, including Team ten20, but the Pacesetter from Lululemon (sold out) sticks in my mind. I simply love the ruffled rear. Lulu, please make more.
  3. Clothes that double as personal dressing rooms. A ten20 teammate told me about Oh My Bag Designs is stretchy enough to slip over your shorts to de-pants yourself, yet long enough so that if you decide to air out for a bit you won’t give an adult show if you bend over. They’re known for wild mix-and-match patterning like us, which adds to the delirious fun after a hard ride.

    Indie Capri image Courtesy SheBeest

  4. Patterned capri tights. Wildly patterned. So patterned it confuses the enemy, much like running in a serpentine manner while being shot at. They’re surprisingly slimming, these prints, but be sure to try it on in a 3-way mirror before confirming that. Be forewarned you have to be pretty fit to wear tights with white in the pattern. Check out these Indie Happy Hour tights from SheBeest; they’re one of our founder’s latest obsessions. Bottoms up.
  5. Long cycling socks. Many women won’t wear long socks because they believe they shorten the appearance of legs. While I understand the logic, I dismiss the idea. I offer long and stubby-legged women 2 options: knee-highs for cool weather and 6” lengths for all other times. Mix-and-match, coordinate to your kit, make a statement. Boulder brand Handlebar Mustache has the right – and left –patterns and colors. Check out their #fucancer styles.

That’s 2016 fashion in a flash. Be bold, be classy. All these options go the little extra mile for female athletes in function or design. And thankfully, each costs much, much less than a new pair of Jimmy Choos. Enjoy the trends that are out there, they’re made for us and our athletic passion.

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