2019 Kickoff Meeting Announced!

Monday, January 28

Boulder Cycle Sport South Location 629 S. Broadway, Boulder, CO Parking suggestion: park to the far south or far west of the shopping center

New member start: 6:30pm

Experienced member start: 7pm

Petunia Mafia welcomes you to our women’s cycling team informational meeting. The portion of the evening for new/potential members & returning members who want to hear about what makes our team special will start at 6:30. Existing teammates will join at 7pm so all can hear about the year’s calendar, new sponsors, SEE THE NEW KIT design and try on kit fit samples. *the fitting area will be a common dressing room so we suggest wearing a sport bra/tank top and leggings for modesty’s sake.

We’re a cycling club that pedals road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes. Teammates have been known to hop on fat, tri, track, and cruiser bicycles too. Some of us race competitively, some never will. The common denominator is that we. love. riding.  Read here to learn even more about our club.

Our custom kit is produced by SheBeest. Their quality is outstanding and our design is always jaw-dropping. We have new amazing sponsors that everyone can benefit from, and weekend trips are already on the calendar.

Registration goes up on February 1 to $90/year, so enroll at the 2018 price by registering now – click here!

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