2018 Kickoff Meeting

The Kickoff Meeting is our official start to the year. We explain what the team (btw we use “team” and “club” interchangeably) is about, what our plans for the year are, and reveal the anticipated kit design. Women cyclists of all skill levels are welcome to this meeting. Our club has road, mountain, and cyclocross components. To learn more about the type of riding we do and what the club means to members, click here.


Date: Tues, Jan 30
Place: ProPeloton (Boulder Cycle Sport) 2516 Broadway St. Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80304 Free parking in shopping center to the north

6:30pm-7pm: General overview for prospective recruits and newbies including how to use Google Groups, TeamSnap, what our green/blue/black levels mean, and why join us (all are welcome but existing members may have heard this before)
7pm – 8pm Info on the 2018 calendar and sponsors, collect a goody bag, see the kit reveal, try on fit samples

Tips and teasers to carry you over until Tuesday:

  • To ensure best fit while trying on samples, perhaps wear your favorite sports bra (especially for the new race fit jersey!), and underwear. There will be a locker-room-style fitting room and limited private dressing areas.
  • The mountain bike collection is expanded and will blow your mind.
  • Accessories: the apres- and over-chamois skirt is back, as is a thermal jacket.
  • Tip: register before ordering your kit to get a 20%-off SheBeest code.
  • We’ve heard loud and clear that we need more mellow/green pace rides, check!
  • Come hear about new/updated green rides
  • Bring a friend, co-worker, sport sister and share the mafia love

Want to join now? Click here to view the registration form  Team membership price is $68 until February 1, when it rises to $75

Don’t sweat it if you can’t make the kickoff. As long as you’re registered you’ll be emailed kit info, sponsor codes, and other details.


Hard pedal into 2018

Let’s grab this one by the cranks

2017 was marked by a whirlwind of tumult.  The US administration stirred up explosive emotions on all sides of the political spectrum. When the sexual harassment backlash against famous entertainers, politicians, and businessmen was played out on a national stage, too many of us raised our hands and said, yup, me too. News – real and fake – is enough to beat down the soul if you let it. But we’re not going to. 2018 is our year to rise.

We’re going to look straight ahead and declare “I’m comin’ at ya” to 2018. We’re going to:

  • pedal big rides that make others envious
  • sneak in little rides – a little ride is better than no ride at all
  • enjoy deep, rolling belly-laughs
  • recognize what fuels us and what we need to leave at the proverbial side of the road
  • lift up and encourage versus judge. That includes towards ourselves.
  • recognize our cycling hold-backs and push aside blockages
  • gently roll into state of mindfulness when needed
  • kick it in the arse and enter an intensity flow-state when needed
  • experience something new and/or unexpected
  • ride something that scares us
  • return to those rides and races that fulfill us
  • nurture our best life and selves from the seat of a bike

Let’s join together, rise up, and hard pedal forward!